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ps3 gamepad emulatorWe will also let you download a freeware working PS3 emulator for Windows 8 as soon as it comes out. At the moment there is no such thing as a PS3 emulator for PS, so don't waste your time searching -- you will get the new from all teh relyable emulation sites as soon as there is development on this frunt. You will not miss this news as it is gone be huge.

PS3 Jailbreak features

1. The program makes use of a USB plug n play solution. It can be installed in a matter of seconds.
2. It does not void your warranty.
3. It is easy to use and its GUI or graphic user interface is user-friendly.
4. It works for all PS3 production models for both FAT and SLIM. It can also be used for all releases in the USA, PAL, JAP, and Korea.
5. PS Jailbreak has disabled forced software updates so it won’t block your console.
6. It can support every PS3 game out there. However, it does not provide backups for Blu-ray and DVD movies.
7. It lets you backup games to the hard drive, internal and external, using a USB. It eliminates the need for Blu-ray burners and blank media.
8. It works 2x faster than Blu-ray.

With PS Jailbreak, your console will be able to experience a new generation of apps from Homebrew. You can load any apps and games and be able to use and store it in your hard drive. The PS Jailbreak is also completely updatable simply by connecting it to USB ports.


1. What firmware version will the PS Jailbreak be able to function on?
It has been said that it could work on older versions of the PS3 but the PS Jailbreak has been designed for the 3.41 firmware version.
2. Will the PS Jailbreak let you make backups of PS2 and PS1 games, as well as Blu-Rey movies?
No, the PS Jailbreak will only make backups and run backups of games designed for PS3 games.
3. Will the PS Jailbreak work on every game?
It has been tried and tested on at least 150 games and they all worked. However, if the game has 4gb, it cannot rip it into the hard drive. You can dump it into an internal drive though.
4. Will I be able to play online games with the PS Jailbreak?
You can however it is possible that you might be banned due to the use of a 3rd party device.
5. Can Sony be able to block it through the use of a firmware update?
It could. We can never know for sure the developments available in the future. So even if the PS3 Jailbreak dongle can be upgraded to beat an update firmware from Sony, it is likely that this will change. If you upgrade your firmware, that will also cause problems.

The very first mod chip for the Playstation 3 is now here and this is called the PS Jailbreak. It is a tiny USB dongle. You don’t need to open up your console or to solder it; you can install it easily and be able to run 3rd party apps and games on the PS3. You can also make backup copies of the original games and then place them onto the hard drive of the PS3 as well as store them into a USB flash drive.
What’s great about the PS3 is that they work with any PS3 game and is compatible with the PS3 consoles available. You can use it on the FAT and SLIM consoles. With the PS Jailbreak you can place your collection of PS3 games onto the hard drive or any external drive, so you can reduce the risks of scratches from CDs. Moreover, you can even extend the life of your PS3’s lasers because you won’t have a need for loading games frequently. Plus, you can now utilize homebrew applications on the Playstation 3; and will be able to have the opportunity to make use of Media Players and web browsers, making your gaming experience much more enjoyable. Lots of possibilities await you with the PS Jailbreak modchip.

The PS Jailbreak for the PS3 is a modchip that has a homebrew program that you can load onto your console to create backups. You can place the backup copies into the hard drive directly or you can hook it up into any external drive. You can get a 3.5i 1TB drive cheaply now and you can store countless games in it. This program is very simple and easy to use and with backups that run fast, you won’t have any problems with it.

Take note however that in order to use the PSJailbreak, you need to have  firmware version of 3.41. If you don’t have this version as of the moment and you would like to try the PS Jailbreak PS3 modchip then you should update yours online through the Sony website.  You can use the USB flash drive because it is really faster and you can run your modchip on older firmwares but this will only result to plenty of errors and erratic behavior.  Don’t forget that if you use the PS Jailbreak in order to play games from the hard drive you should leave one original game. The official website of the PSJailbreak contains a lot of manuals that will teach you how to use the device. It also has lots of firmware updates and guides if in case you would need to troubleshoot.

Here is something you should also keep in mind. The PSJailbreak PS3 modchip will give you the ability to create backup copies of games from Blu-ray PS3 as well as run 3rd party apps but you cannot make backups for Blu-ray and DVD movies. You also cannot make backups for old PSP 1 and 2 games. The good news however is that it lets you use Homebrew software programs which will let you boot and legitimize backups you make for every original game placed onto the hard drive. You will no longer have to worry about disc scratches and damage to expensive original game discs. Plus, the lifespan of PS3 lasers will also be lengthened since you don’t have to keep inserting CDs and launching applications anymore.

Warning don't get banned from PSN playing with a modded PS3 online - always disabling the mods before connecting.

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