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ps3 gamepad emulatorPS Jailbreak Warning

With PS Jailbreak, your console will be able to experience a new generation of Apps from Homebrew. You can load any Apps and games and be able to use and store it in your hard drive. The PS Jailbreak is also completely updatable simply by connecting it to USB ports.


The dongle will only work on the PlayStation 3, with a 3.41 firmware version. There is a chance that eventually Sony will release a firmware update that could block this device from working. People who would in the future update their system firmware should not buy this.  Moreover, people who wish to play online or from the Playstation store should not get this either.

Here is something you should also keep in mind. The PSJailbreak PS3 modchip will give you the ability to create backup copies of games from Blu-ray PS3 as well as run 3rd party apps but you cannot make backups for Blu-ray and DVD movies. You also cannot make backups for old PSP 1 and 2 games. The good news however is that it lets you use Homebrew software programs which will let you boot and legitimize backups you make for every original game placed onto the hard drive. You will no longer have to worry about disc scratches and damage to expensive original game discs. Plus, the lifespan of PS3 lasers will also be lengthened since you don’t have to keep inserting CDs and launching applications anymore.

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